When You Become A Client

Of The Ritz…

There are many questions when  it becomes time to sell your home.  Here are just a few of the details that  The Ritz looks after for you.


1.  LISTING SHEETS - I will prepare the pertinent information about your home (room sizes, price, personal property, special features, taxes, mortgage info. lot, etc.) for marketing purposes.


2.  LAWN SIGN - A  sign with my name on it will be promptly placed on your property. I shall be marketing your home in a number of ways, but a lawn sign is a proven winner in attracting prospective buyers.  My name appears to ensure that interested callers will be directed straight to the agent who knows more about your home than anyone.


3. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE - In addition to notifying all of the company agents in the area, I will quickly advise the MLS of the availability of your home and encourage our co-operating brokers to show your home.


4. PHOTOGRAPHER - A photographer will take an exterior photograph of your home within a few days.  This will be used with the listing sheet and display advertising.  For the best pictures, try to keep the garage door closed, the yard neat, and cars out of the driveway.  Interior photos of your home which will be added to the MLS listing and also emailed to interested buyers.


5. TOUR DAY - An inspection tour by local Multiple Listing Service salespersons will be scheduled.  This is an outstanding opportunity to provide your home early, excellent exposure to salespeople who are working with today's buyers.


6. SHOWINGS - Salespersons from my company as well as our co-operating brokers will want to show your home.  An appointment will always be made in advance.  You will have the name of the agent and an approximate arrival time. 


7. FOLLOW-UP ON SHOWINGS - You  may call my office at any time if you have any information which you believe will be helpful.  I will follow-up and call you when the feedback is pertinent.


8. PROMOTING YOUR HOME - The Ritz clients enjoy a wide spectrum of full media, classified and display advertising opportunities, in which homes in your price range are continually advertised.  In all, your home will enjoy the full impact of our broad, professional coverage including:

* Display advertising

* Institutional Advertising.

* Classified Advertising

* International Relocation Transferee

* Neighbourhood Card Mailings

* Open Houses

* Lawn Signs

*  Multiple Listing Services

*  Internet Exposure  www.HomeXpos.com , MLS.ca. TheRitz.ca

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