First Things First

So it’s time to buy a home.  Whether this is your first time or you are an old pro, my hope is to make the process as easy and as painless as possible.  As a point of interest, there is no cost to you for my services, I am paid by the seller out of the proceeds of the sale of the property.  Here is an excerpt from my “Buyer’s Book”, a  step by step description of buying a home.  Call me, if you would like a copy.


Where Do We Begin?


At this meeting, either in person or by phone, we determine some of the basic things that you are looking for.  The following is a guide to the most common types of features:


Are we looking for a house or a condominium?


Some of the basic items to consider in a house are:

   1. What areas of town are we interested in?

   2. What type of house?

   3. What size - square meters / square feet?

   4. Number of bedrooms?

   5. Garage (none/single/double)?  

   6. Ready to move in or fixer upper?  

   7. Features that might be important to you - developed basement,

       size of yard, fireplace, extra parking, etc.

   8. Possession Date  

   9. Price range  


In considering a condominium, the same basic items apply as in a house purchase, but you also need to consider:

    1.  Type of condo - townhouse, apartment, detached bungalow?

    2.  Other amenities - visitor parking, pools/tennis courts etc.

    3.  Condo fees and reserve funds.

    4.   Pets?


When we have worked these details, I prepare Prospect List from the Multiple Listing Service of properties available using your criteria.  



When you get the Prospect List, I recommend a driving tour.  Stop by Tim Horton’s and get a cup of coffee, and go for a drive by the various addresses.  Consider the house from the front and back if possible.


· Does this house look like it could be my home?

· What do the neighbouring homes look like?

· Is this a busy street?  (At other times of the day?)

· Is this home close to schools/parks/bus/other important things?

· Should we set up an appointment to view this house?



Now we have found a few houses to look at, we can set up a time to view them.  I usually like to give at least 2 hours notice and it is nice for the seller if we can give a days notice.  We sometimes have to be flexible, various problems can crop up (i.e.... seller works shift work or has small children). If a prospective home is rented we are required to give 24 hours notice.  



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